Games & Gear of 2015: Dead Island 2 (2015)



Ah Zombie games, they’re everywhere aren’t they! Dying Light released only weeks ago and it doesn’t suck so undead titles is here to stay. Funny enough the creators of Dying Light also created the original Dead Island, a fun if not MMOish style of game. They chose not to do Dead Island 2 in lieu of Dying Light so this sequel, in many ways, will be its own game. So the plot is standard: Pharmaceutical company + science = Zombies, you play one of four survivors in California under siege. After that it’s all open playground stuff; find weapons, build weapons, make awesome vehicles, and of course handle the zombie problem one dead head at a time. Time will tell if DI 2 will be open world fun house or a title that’s beating a dead horse. I’m willing to give it a chance because not to long ago I took a chance on the original Dead Island, and had a good time, so it’s only fair to give this stand-alone sequel the same courtesy.









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