Games & Gear of 2015: Splatoon (05/29/15)


Now here’s a question people: what would a 3rd person shooter look like if it was developed and published by Nintendo? Why it would be colorful, full of whimsy, contain a fair bit of challenge, fun for the whole family, and pretty violent on the down low. Splatoon is that game people. Players are squid-human hybrids who face other squid-human hybrids for control of an area. How do you control an area? Two ways really: shooting people in the face (classical method) or cover everything in your colors a.k.a. your ink. Inking the world has benefits like giving you environmental advantages or unlocking new paint based weapons (giant rollers and laser paint air strikes anyone?). The trick is do you focus on fighting enemies or coating the walls you’re your colors, each action could bring success or failure depending of the level or your opponents. This is why you never count out Nintendo games: they may start simple and innocent but over time will reveal layers complexity for any veteran gamers to challenge themselves with. Splatoon is that game people, and will release this year.






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