Games & Gear of 2015 : Star Wars – Battlefront



Star Wars: Battlefront, also known as the good Battlefield game, is finally making the 3rd sequel everyone (including me) was waiting for. I still remember the joy I had leading the Confederacy of Independent Systems against the mutant clone army. My weapon of choice Droideka, of course; speed, suppressive fire power, portable shield, intimidation – the perfect class in my opinion. Sadly the droids lost that war in the prequels and gave rise to the more famous ‘Star Wars’ of the Rebels vs the Empire. And while those factions didn’t have the Droideka; they all had vehicles, turrets, and even ‘hero classes’ to use on the battlefield. It was a hoot and a half! Now with the new Force Awakens movie coming soon; this game will be perfectly timed to the Star Wars madness that’s soon to follow. The release date could be as early  as April or as late as this winter holiday, either way get ready to wage war in a galaxy far far this year.







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