Games & Gear of 2015: Final Fantasy XV (2015)



Final Fantasy XV will be Square’s foray into the next gen systems (Final Fantasy Type – 0, out now, doesn’t count because it was a game on the PSP before) and they’re pulling all the stop this time I think. For one it looks beautiful and realistic despite have giant beasts and flashy magic all over the place. Another thing they decided to have a more action oriented combat system this time around that is both in keeping with games like Dark Souls and Dragon Age Inquisition. You party will even fight on their own without your commands (although we might be able to adjust their tactics like previous FF games before). Don’t worry it won’t be all new stuff , they’re bring back the open worldly-ness of a proper Final Fantasy so you can explore the map to your hearts content (when you get an airship of course). Finally (hopefully), from what I can gather you can perform Co-Op techs against your enemies; offensively & defensibly! I haven’t seen proper techs from a Square game since Chrono Trigger – and that’s way too long! Like I said previously; Final Fantasy XV is the one that could make or break the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, but sounds pretty good and looks even better. Well see if it can keep the RPG legacy strong later this year.







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