Games & Gear of 2015: Rainbow Six – Siege (2015)


Before his death in 2013, one of the next Tom Clancy game heading towards the next gen consoles was called Rainbow 6: Patriots. However the game was scraped for unknown reasons (which is too bad because I liked its premise). Oh well… They soon replaced it with Rainbow Six – Siege; an tactical multiplayer FPS (possibly without a story mode – or something like Titanfall/Evolve). Players are assigned to either terrorists or the Six in squad v. squad game modes. Not quite your death match detail (there might be but I’ve never seen it yet in Siege) these modes focus on objectives like hostage recuse and defend this ‘thing’ from the enemy (not its technical name). Once in a squad you can choose one from 20 different ‘Operators’; each one armed with special skills and gear. Pick well because once it’s game time and you die, your dead for that round. Add to the fact of destructible environments, scouting cameras, and portable defense/offensive stage tech (barricades, scout cameras, C4,) and no round will ever be the same. Rainbow Six – Siege may lack the premise of Patriots but certainly makes up for it in a very tight and versatile multiplayer. A clear pick up title later this year.





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