Games & Gear of 2015: Just Cause 3 (2015)



Hey people remember Mercenaries? I sure do. It was like GTA mixed with CoD, where you play a Merc (duh) with the job of helping the ‘AN’ task force defeat a North Korea coup before they can launch nuke strike against the major world powers (boy talk about life imitating art). Anyway it was a great sandbox title full of guns, glory, stealing tanks, and calling in airstrikes. Sadly both developer & publisher of this game went the way of the dodo, so Mercenaries 2 is where the series ended. The Just Cause series isn’t the Mercenaries series, but it’s pretty close, and they’re cranking out a new game for this year. Starting once again by Rico Rodriguez he’s returning home to the fictional island known as Medici, where it’s been taken over by the dictator General Di Ravello. What’s a super action spy to do? Why start a one man revolution of course! Steal tanks, blow up weapons depots, and make quick getaways using your trusty grappling hook – is only a few examples of the chaos you’ll be causing in Just Cause 3. Anyone can go vacationing in the tropics, it takes special gamers to liberate it; are you that gamer? We’ll find out later this year.





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