Games & Gear of 2015: Tom Clancy’s – The Division (2015)

the division


So people we’ve played games where the end of the world has happen due to war, famine, and disease – usually 100s of years in the future. However in Tom Clancy’s – The Division, its apocalypse is a little more resent. In fact players take on the role an agent of the Division who, somehow, must not only restore order to a world devastated by a bio-terrorist attack, but find out who unleashed the attack in the first place. Fortunately you’re not alone as you can use the help of other player agents to help achieve your goal. However they can easily hinder your process as well, agents can both be loyal to the cause – or revel in the chaos. No matter your personal direction you can well equip yourself with the latest gadgets and arms to fight your war. Whether it’s from a fallen enemy or something you craft yourself. Heck you can even play the game on your smart device and prove support to your allies in a pinch! Tom Clancy’s – The Division is similar to Destiny but also many ways different; if it can live up to half of its promises I promise you that you’ll never want to leave The Division’s world for anything.







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