Games & Gear of 2015: BlazBlue – Chronophantasma Extend (07/28/15)



People like more of a good thing! More food, more friends, more money, as long as it’s a good thing when someone asks: “More?” people will always say “Yes please!” So when I found out that they were going to make an extended version of BlazBlue – Chrono Phantasma called BlazBlue – Chronophantasma Extend (naturally) I said “Yes, please!” Though to be fair it isn’t anything that extended past one new character and a few new scenes and stories; however if you’re a fan of the series and only have a PS4 and/or Xbox One this game will be a heaven sent because the original Chronophantasma was only available on last gen Sony platforms. Now even Xbox owners can enjoy the hyper dramatic, often humorous, anime fighting game known as BlazBlue – just in time for summer.







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