Games & Gear of 2015: Mario Maker (2015)



Honestly I’m surprised this didn’t come out sooner. I mean there was Mario paint (which I owned and smashed many flies with) but that was an art and music program more than anything else. No, as soon as RPG maker hit the street, Nintendo should have rolled up and ‘BAM!’ Mario Maker! But I suppose the technology wasn’t ready then, but it’s certainly ready now. As the title says this game is a Mario Maker which means you can make classic Mario stages in your way. You want bricks? Add more bricks! Hate Goombas? BAM! They’re extinct! Prefer the Super Mario 3 art style over this new 2D crap, then all your stages will be that glorious golden age Nintendo look. The sky(sea, underground and castle) stages the limit. It’s an automatic buy for any artistic ambitious Wii U owner; now hopefully the game will let us share our creations online. If so then I got one in mind for you people out there, it’s called the ‘Armada Bowser Gauntlet challenge!’ It involves a lot of Bowsers and a lot of game over screens, heh…








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