Games & Gear of 2015: LEGO Dimensions (9/27/2015)


Well people the gates have been opened: Skylanders, INfinity, Amiibo, and now LEGO Dimensions. Yes people we will have four cross platform- cross property Video Game Toys (which now I’ll refer to as Videoys) later this year. The latest contender: LEGO of course, and their Videoys’ called LEGO Dimensions. Hot off their theratcal success of ‘The LEGO movie’ Dimensions is a spin-off of sorts where Batman, a wizard (possibly Gadolf), and a new Master Builder are chasing after some evil dude rip holes in LEGO space/time. So they set off to stop him/her in one epic adventure. However they don’t do it alone, they need your help, literally. Players can buy packs to expand the game by adding levels and characters – you see where I’m going with this right? Now me I’m in the Amiibo camp, however if you like LEGOs, the LEGO movie, and don’t like Skylanders, INfinity and Amiibo then your time has come. Beware though, LEGO Dimensions to start will feature DC comics, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, and their own LEGO banded packs costing between $15-$30 apiece. This will be a game that maybe the most expansive (and expensive) Videoys of its type, once you start Dimensions you may never stop.





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