Games & Gear of 2015: Gigantic (2015)



Gigantic is not just big or huge, it’s… GIGANTIC! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Anyway Gigantic is another character class game that pits players against each other in team based blood sport. However what separates this from others of its type is that you have a giant beast behind you (literally), a Guardian. Every time your team does well your Guardian will become more powerful, if your team eats dirt your Guardian will get weaker. Once a Guardian gets too weak it will be vulnerable to enemy attack – if it dies game over for that team. However if the Guardian becomes in empowered then it will launch onto the field of battle and wreak it (along with the enemy players and their Guardian). Gigantic will be free-to-play which is a plus, however it will also be playable on the Xbox One console in addition to PC so like I said Gigantic is not just big or huge, it’s… GIGANTIC – savings on your pocket book.









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