Games & Gear of 2015: Project X Zone 2 (2015)



Yes people! Sometimes the good guys can win! If anyone didn’t know I loved Project X Zone back in 2013, sure it was long but I like to think of it as part of the challenge. Plus who doesn’t like video game characters beating the crap out of inter dimensional baddies. Well recently they announced the sequel, Project X Zone 2, to come out later this year. As Frank would say – Fantastic! Now I’m not quite sure if this game continues the misadventures of Mii (not our Miis) and Kogoro but I do know PxZ 2 will have mix of returning and new characters from Sega, Bandai, and Capcom. I can’t wait… Watch the video and tell me that doesn’t get you ready. Waiting is the hard part… 😦





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