Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta (Wii U version) Conclusion

Well as we reached the end of the game (yes really) I’ve learned a lot from this title: lollipops can help you recover from the gravest of injuries, giving strange black men the remains of angel demons is always a good idea, and of course hair is the greatest power in the universe. Thanks Bayonetta!      

Walkthrough 4 U: Pirates Never Die (Vol .1)



It’s been a while, but we’re back doing what put the Video Game Armada on the map – Choose You Own Adventure (or CYOA) Walkthroughs. And of course our CYOA stories of choice are the one from Delight Games (or is it D Light Games – I always get confused on that part). Anyway today’s interactive novel is Pirates Never Die, the first Volume. Readers take the role of Captain Betsy ‘Black Heart’ Dukes; a lady and saucy Pirate who plunder any fat merchant ship sailing the high seas. However the life of a buccaneer isn’t an easy one and you need all the help you can some days. And that’s what VG Armada is here for, now as per usual our walkthroughs aren’t meant for high scores but to complete the game. Use the guide as necessary then blaze your own trail or follow the guide to the end. Whatever you decide, remember, think like a pirate, arr!







  • Chase
  • Stand and Fight
  • Move in
  • Save him
  • Lie
  • Explain the Stallion
  • Move
  • Get Up
  • Ignore
  • Steal
  • Accept
  • Lost lover
  • Teach him a lesson
  • Gun port
  • Trip him
  • Run
  • Convince
  • Throw pistol
  • Tease




  • Escape
  • Rooftop
  • Jump coach
  • Dance and sing
  • Investment scam
  • Convince him
  • Disguise
  • Lower sword
  • Buy a round
  • Apologize
  • Take the room
  • Ask him
  • Escape
  • Convince innkeeper




  • Knockout
  • Trick
  • Claim ignorance
  • Pry loose boards
  • You distract them
  • Kick
  • Run
  • Long boat
  • Let her go
  • Do both
  • Go around
  • Save Rowen
  • Take hostages
  • Convince Jack
  • Disarm
  • Warn Rowen
  • Push pirates
  • Use ship
  • Kick crotch
  • You do it
  • Kiss him







Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta (Wii U version) Part 16


Well people we reached our end, thanks you for…. WHAT! It’s not over yet?! For all that is game, Bayonetta is such tease man… Oh well, let’s beat up daddy.

Game Preview: House of Wolves recap


The Reef: A new social area to pal around in, to meet new characters and explore.


The Trials of Osiris: A weekly event where you and two other players test your mettle against a rival fireteam for glory and sweet loot.


The Prison of Elders an end game dynamo that will either carve out your place among heroes or buried you in an unmarked grave.


Needless to say I’m getting the House of Wolves DLC on the 19th, and I hope you all will too.




This Just In (Or not): ‘THE VOID’ will allow people to get into games like never before – without limits



Games have come a long way since Pong in the 1970s. From simple pixiels going back & forth to highly complex visual, audio, and storytelling masterworks, video gaming seems like it has reached it’s fullest potential. However a gentleman by the name of Ken Bretschneider doesn’t believe so. He believes that gaming can evolve further; where players aren’t just limited to controlling an avatar on a screen, but being that character, interacting with the game both physically and virtually. How? By entering ‘THE VOID’.


THE VOID (Vision Of Infinite Dimensions) is (or will be) immersive entertainment centers, similar to Laser tag, where the entire building will be tailor made to fit the games provided. Also like laser tag players will get equipment to use like a VR headset, a Backtop (the power source for the headset) and items associated with the game they’re playing.


While it may not seem like it, this combo of custom made environments and constantly improving VR tech is what will make THE VOID stand out from the pack.


Most people have a negative reaction when it comes to Virtual Reality. Bretschneider believes that’s due to a lack of control, because when doing some virtually (via a headset) without doing it physically is unnatural. THE VOID centers will change this and create full immersion for players. On the game floor will have real objects you can touch, different scents in the air, temperature changes and the ground shifting as you move. The technology will not only have better visual acuity but the harness of the Backtop will also double as an impact vest. Meaning if something in VR touches a player they will feel it to a certain degree. These are the small bits of the combined VR experience THE VOID has tried on various people in the past – and they stated, “We have not had a person who didn’t feel comfortable inside the environment.”


THE VOID does sound impressive and it seems like they’re on the right track. However ‘Evermore’, Ken Bretschneider other interactive entertainment project – opening this year, has been delayed indefinitely due to a lack of funding and the land they acquired was too close to residential properties. Evermore was an equally impressive idea that, in the end, never fully realized. Will THE VOID share the same fate or become the next step for gaming evolution – we’ll all find out next year.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – Prison of Elders


Now I know a lot of you Destiny players are a little salty that there won’t be a raid in the House of Wolves (won’t bother me much – raids were always a pain to find a party for). However the good people at Bungie won’t leave you in a lurch, for they will be unleashing a upon the world the Prison of Elders. Now we’ve heard of said prison before in cut scenes, but this will be the first time visiting it. Well ‘visiting’ maybe a little misleading; more like surviving the most dangerous enemies of the awoken in a horde mode game play style. Get ready for thunder dome people because it’s either going to be you or them – and them got nothing to lose.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – Trials of Osiris


The Reef was nice, but how about something that will get the blood pumping. How about something that I can take my two closest friends, team up and take down another team of three in a winner take all shoot out where respawning’s not allowed. Something that at the end you will all get some nice new weapons and gear that’s vaguely Egyptian? Well people the Trials of Osiris is that something.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – The Reef


Well people if you didn’t know I’m a big fan & player of Bungie’s Destiny. It’s an ‘easy to learn, tough to master’ type of game that keeps bring me back for more. Before the end of this month however Bungie will be testing our light against House of Wolves. In the past only bits & pieces were ever known about the DLC. However recently they’ve been revealing new content about the next chapter in steam, which now is available to watch on YouTube. So you know what that means – it’s Game Preview time! This first reveal is about the new social area: The Reef. Where you and your friends can meet, catch up on current events, and plan your next soiree of offensive strikes against your enemies – my kind of place. Enjoy!




Movie Reivew: Avengers – Age of Ultron

Sorry guys bare bones review today, but hey the movie’s good! How good? Listen in and find out!

Games & Gear of 2015: Destiny – House of Wolves (05/15/2015)


Do you hear them? The Wolves… They’re howling, calling, for you