Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 6



You know after the end of Volume 5 you would think Jane and Tommy would have lived happily ever after, a cure for the zombie plague would have found, and the human race would start rebuilding the world. Nope! Jane, in her greatest victory, will face her greatest challenge yet – becoming the enemy. Don’t worry dear players; once again the VG Armada got you covered in this thrilling (yet oddly short) chapter.





  • ‘Ha! What a nerd!’
  • Just take off your shirt
  • Wink
  • Life will be good
  • Shove back
  • Call dad
  • Put your hands up
  • Sarcastic remark
  • Just go up Stairs
  • Use some humor
  • ‘They can wait for my book’
  • ‘We mustn’t tarnish their memory’
  • Keep him captive
  • No
  • ‘You have time to take a poll?’
  • Not yet
  • Tell her this is nonsense
  • Through audience
  • Sprint forward
  • Slow down and talk
  • In Skit
  • Leave
  • Don’t call anyone yet
  • The alleyway
  • Try to eat
  • Call out
  • Keep distance
  • Find Ava
  • ‘I meant sexy’
  • Wait
  • Leave it





  • Go to sound of battle
  • Climb wall
  • Repair breach
  • Throw debris
  • Get closer
  • Scouting
  • Grazed
  • Accept
  • Lie
  • ‘I’ll take care of it’
  • Go for gate





  1. I need volume seven! 😀

  2. You should do walkthroughs for up to volume 9 as well

  3. Do walk throughs for them up to volume 9 please

  4. Can u plz make a walk through for vol 7 thx

  5. You should post how to get achievements

    • I would, but my versions of the game books don’t come with achievements. Sorry.

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