This just in (Or not) – Destiny next expansion: The Taken King


With everyone still on a House of Wolves high (four weeks now) Bungie isn’t resting until Destiny lives up to the epic name. The next expansion, named ‘The Taken King’, will be a massive DLC that will feature more story missions, more strikes (yes, strikes, with an ‘s’), a raid, new PvP locations, and finally new subclasses. Warlocks brings arc damage storms, Hunters goes old school with void damage bows & arrows, and my class, the Titan, will make the enemies feel the burn with solar hammers. The big bad is Crota daddy – Oryx. Obliviously not happy with the fact of one dead son at the hands of the guardians, he’s coming to get us with his army known as the Taken. Whether it’s a new enemy type or an elite hive unit I don’t care, as long as I can punch them in the face (or smash them now with a hammer) I’m ok. The only downside to this DLC is that it doesn’t feature my favorite army of darkness, the Cabal. Before the title reveal the code name was Comet for the expansion, so I thought it was obliviously a Cabal themed DLC because only they would destroy the earth by throwing a giant rock at it. Oh well maybe next time – The Taken King will release September 2015.