Armada’s E3 picks: The Division (3/8/2016)


Hey people, so here’s the question: Do you like the concept of Destiny? You know where you play a unknown person of great importance, where their main goal is to combat enemies and also protect what’s left of a broken world using a wide variety weapons? However do you also think that the whole aliens and magic powers kind of ruin it for you? Well my friends give The Division a try! Set in a world where a nasty bio terrorist attack has all but destroyed the United States; you play as an agent of ‘The Division’ whose goal is to find who launched the attack. From there it’s up to: do you work alone or with other agents, do you help citizens in trouble every chance you get or stay on task with the mission, will you brave the contaminated areas and recover lost tech and weapons or will you rob other agents and go rouge. The Division has no oversight and unlimited freedom – how you complete your missions will be up to you.