Armada’s E3 picks: ReCore (NA)


The future man, if it’s not a world cataclysm, it’s killer robots trying to destroy us with their pointy bits – it ReCore its both. You play as Jewel, a plucky human trying to help the rest of the specie survive from raging sandstorms & even more raging robots. Don’t worry though because not only is Jewel capable but she has help in the form of a robot dog named Mack; and this dog will do more than play fetch if trouble arises. Now the name ‘ReCore’ comes in when Mack is critically injured and loses his body; all Jewel needs to do is take his core (maybe indestructible) and put it in a new bot, and bam! Mack lives again. Throughout the game not only will our heroes fight battles, but explore the devastated land escape and even recruit new bots for the journey. ReCore doesn’t have a release date yet, but with Keiji Inafune signed on for this Xbox exclusive you know this one will deliver greatness. Stay tuned for more info as we hear it.