Armada’s E3 picks: Gigantic (2015)


MOBAs, or Multiplayer online battle arena (or ARTS – action real-time strategy) are a genre of game that has gotten popular in recent times. From Defense of the Ancients & League of Legends to Infinite Crisis & Smite they all have garnered hardcore fans and even tournaments (with cash prizes no less) devoted to the playstyle. That being said, it’s a flawed genre. Not because of the RPG elements of the games or the use of items, armors, and weapons players can choose from within the field of battle (overwhelming at times but you get used to it). It’s flawed because MOBA’s are (generally) unbalanced: range characters can decimate melee types; some characters have superior abilities while others are just liabilities; and my favorite – when the going gets tough just run away to safety or just back off until more of your teammates show up and then rush like reckless jobbers. MOBAs have potential, no doubt, but I’m just waiting for the one game that can break the cycle and actually have MOBA gameplay that’s (majority) skill and not stat based. Gigantic may be that game, we’ll see later this year.