Armada’s E3 picks: Rare Replay (08/04/2015)


Hey everyone, remember when good games were Rare. Where a bird and a bear worked together to stop an evil witch from stealing your sister’s youth; or when three muscled bound, human-like Battletoads would pound the spit out of the forces of darkness with shapeshifting abilities, weapons, and awesomeness. Heck if a truck full of nuclear warheads was out of control and the only way to save the world is to destroy buildings in the way using demolition mechs then that’s a Rare game indeed. Both an excellent play on words and the name of a British video game developer; Rare has some of the most interesting, challenging, and inventive games on the market for many years. Sadly nothing good last forever and Rare’s twist of fate has all but erased them from the current game market. However at this year’s E3 Rare seems to have made a return with two titles for the future: Rare Replay and Sea of Thieves (more on this on a latter post). Rare Replay is a collection of Rare’s 30 greatest/most popular games on one disk, so people can relive the glory days of Rare’s past or experience them for the first time. I myself have only played a handful of Rare games in my lifetime; so by picking up Rare Replay not only can I see if I still got it with the games I use to play but I can finally try the ones I missed as well (we’ll see if Perfect Dark is worth people yelling in my face about it). As for you all, if you got an Xbox One and like deals on good games then Rare Replay is an auto play this August.






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