Armada’s E3 picks: Battleborn (2015)


Gigantic and Battleborn: those two games will be the sleeper hits of the year. I’ve already talked about Gigantic so now it’s Battleborn turn; to start its being developed by Gearbox Software who has done the Borderlands series with their Bazillion of guns. They excel at diverse action and colorful characters, which is why Aliens: Colonial Maries failed so badly because it didn’t play to those strengths. Battleborn won’t have that problem and you can tell right away: from cyborgs, beastmen, samurai vampires, mini-gun wielding giants, outlaws, and even more craziness all converging to the last solar system in the universe. Why? To survive, of course, and to also have an awesome battle royale with (or against) the other big factions in what’s left in the universe; taking a stand from the big evil that ruined the universe in the first. No matter what kind of FPS player you are Battleborn will have you covered; no matter what skills you have Battleborn will test them, you like pimping out your characters – so does Battleborn. It even combines many different genres of gaming that evolves it pass something that’s just a MOBA or a FPS. I’m excite people, honestly. When I heard they weren’t going to do anymore Borderlands for a while, and just focus on Battleborn I was sadden. However as more and more play videos of Battleborn were released and showcase the title’s chops the more and more I was convinced. Now I’m a believer, and I can’t wait to get my turn to become Battleborn.





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