Game Preview: Star Wars – Knights of the Fallen Empire gameplay preview


The ‘Fall of Games’, a glorious time of the year where some of the most anticipated game titles are let loose to an eagerly waiting populous (usually during the autumn), is so close you can practically taste it. So to fan the flame of awesomeness game developers, publishers, and the like are giving people a little sample of what’s to come. This time around it’s BioWare and their next DLC ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire’. Set five years after the current game your character, recently freed from carbonite, is all that remains of the old. Because the galaxy has been effectively conquered by the Zakuul and their Immortal Emperor. Now you would think you can go all hero mode, start and revolution and save the galaxy from the super dark side (and you totally can). However according to the story you might actually be able to join the Zakuul and really 180 this whole thing (while that’s just a guess). BioWare says in this DLC “choices matter and impact outcomes” and they haven’t disappointed me yet. However a twitch stream showing some live (-ish) gameplay also doesn’t hurt either, enjoy!




Trail-Rama: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden


Xenoverse is one the best DBZ games I’ve ever played because, for once, it’s not all about Goku and the gang. Players can create their own Z fighter and save time-space from the evil Demigra using the iconic moves from the series. Of course there’s always dissenters who just want the same DBZ fighting game they’ve always played – but newer. And while this is not Xenoverse’s problem the good people at Arc System Works is giving those people (as well as me because I luv DBZ (heh – that rhymed)) what they want with Extreme Butoden. A straight 2D fighter, players can choose over 20 Z warriors to battle with. However players can do more than 1 v 1; you can create your perfect team of the universe’s strongest fighters and use ‘Z assists’ to help your fight in a number of ways. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden may lack the time patroller character or the dynamic story of Xenoverse but makes up for it with going back to its white knuckle fighting roots. After all, if it ain’t broke.




This just in (Or not): More than meets the eye, Splatoon will represent robots in disguise.



So what does Nintendo’s Splatoon and Hasbro’s Transformers have in common, other than changing shape? They wage war against each other, although with Splatoon is all in good fun while with the Transformers not so much. Well on August 28 at 9 PM PDT the two worlds become one (sort of) in this month’s Splatfest. As per usual players sign up of for one side or another (Cat v Dog, Roller-coaster vs Watersides, Hot Dog vs Marshmallow were the past competitions), get a team shirt, and for a set amount of time you fight for the side you picked. If your side wins you get upgrade mats, if you don’t you at least get exp and money, so it always worth your time to join (fun too). However the fact that this time around you get to pick either the heroic Autobots or the villainous Decepticon to represent will make this the greatest Splatfest ever! Now people you know I always aim for the good guys – however for me I always liked the cons so what can I say but see you all on the field of splatter on the 28th. Decepticons forever!




Walkthrough 4 U: Witch Saga – Volume 2

Witch Saga Vol II


The walkthroughs are back people and its about time right? I mean you guys really like our CYOA answer keys and its time to get busy again – staring with Witch Saga: Volume 2. Honestly people this was longest game book I had the privilege of doing. Not that the choices were hard, but this chapter was very content heavy with story, plot, and character development so it took time to finish – let alone making sure the answers were good enough to finish the volume. As for the overall story itself Ruth is still having trouble with demons and the otherworldly; but in this chapter not only does she have help but new abilities as well. So read volume 2, enjoy, and as always experiment at your leisure to see where your choices lead, but if you get lost the Armada has got you covered.






——— Start ———-

Step in

Save your power


Hold your concentration

Hold still



Blast it

Raise shield




Crawl under

Cast light

Say you were attacked

Use your elbow

Follow the screams

Blast him

Blast him

Less strength

‘Pay the man sweetie’

Ask about himself

——-Checkpoint ——


Fight here




Look for Thomas



Cut it down

Leap in

The spiky toothed one


‘I would like that’

Avoid him




Put on clothes

‘I am in your world’

Dance studio

‘Psychological. I train here.’


‘Enemies will not expected it.’

Trick him

Turn invisible

Gout of Flame

Try to get sword


———- End ———–





Armada’s E3 picks: Xenoblade Chronicles X (12/04/15)


This title will be the beginning twilight of the Wii U. if you missed it the Nintendo X (or NX) is the name of the next great console from Nintendo, but we won’t know anymore until next year. As such the Wii U days will be numbered, sad but exciting, because at the very least the NX will be an upgraded version of the Wii U. At most it will the most powerful (if not the most creative) console on the market; either way the 3rd party developers will not have any more excuses. Anywho (and Speaking of big giant robots) Xenoblade Chronicles X will be large, open world adventure where players are newly awaken in an alien world of Mira after escaping the destruction of Earth. With what’s left of humanity you help create a new home by finding more survivors, exploring the planet, and of course taming the wild beasties of Mira. The bad news about that though is some of the creatures are several stories tall, but the good news is that we get awesome mechs (called Skells) to help fight them off with (eventually). All of the this people is merely the beginning of the game too. Like I said the game is large and between going on sub quests, customizing yourself and your mech, recruiting characters, discovering lore, and possibly encountering the same alien forces that obliterate the earth Wii U owners will definitely have something to play throughout Christmas season.


And with that I’m done with my E3 picks for this year, even with doing it (almost) every day it took a while. Since it’s almost the end of the summer we all got to get ready for the Fall of Games and I, well, I got some CYOA answer keys to make for you guys don’t I – stay tune.




Armada’s E3 picks: Transformers Devastation (10/06/15)


Forget monsters, forget zombies, forget dinosaurs, and the rest – the true master race is robots and reasons are oblivious (metal skin, made of weapons, relentless, etc.). The king of robots will always be Transformers because in addition to the all the advantages of a robot of they also transform into awesome things like tanks, guns and yes robotic dinosaurs (plus they’re iconic characters of the 80’s so yay). The last Transformers game I’ve played was the High Moon Studio treat “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron” and it was great, but Transformers Devastation may even beat it. To start it did something no other Transformers game has ever done, get the look like the old show – it’s amazing! Several of the voice actors from the original series are also reprising their roles in the game – awesome! Finally the game’s being developed by PlatinumGames Inc. so you know it will be the most kinetic, fuel injected, ball-bearings to the wall Transformers games to date. And the best thing is that we only got to wait a month and a half before we can transform and roll out.







Armada’s E3 picks: Metroid Prime – Federation Force (2016)


You know, it never ceases to amaze me how many people will bash a game (a movie, a show, etc) for one thing or another before they play (watch) it. Nintendo seem to draw a lot a fire from these type of people as well. When ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’ was announced and people saw the game cel-shaded art style people lost their minds – until they played the game and it was fine. The Wii U constantly bashed for its lack of 3rd party support (yeah because that’s Nintendo’s fault) or how the system is not “next gen” compared to the PS4 or Xbox One – until they played it (and their excellent library of games) and it was fine. Now we have Metroid Prime: Federation Force; an interesting 3DS co-op title that uses four players to team up and take down objectives in the Metroid universe. Now you’d think reasonable people would play this game before casting judgements on it, but when you’re on the internet reason and logic go right out the window. There is Petition for the cancellation of this game, before the general public can even have a chance to play it, the loudest minority deems it a failure. They’re being ridiculous, and why, because Samus is not the main character? Because it’s not a “true Metroid” sequel? No matter the game series, characters change and genres change within them as well, sooner or later. So people, do me a favor, and just play the game – it will be fine.





Armada’s E3 picks: Horizon – Zero Dawn (2016)


In this PS4 exclusive it’s the end of the world (naturally), and not only did humanity get a beat down (by robotic enemy I assume) but it was one that smacked them back to the hunter-gatherer days. Forget plasma weapons, power armor, and V.A.T.S., in order for you to survive you need a bow and arrow, quick wits, and some good luck (especially when your enemies are giant beast machines). It’s not all surviving by the skin of your teeth; players will also interact with the different tribes of the world, explore the beautiful landscape of the wild lands or the city ruins, and uncover what happen when the world went to crap. Horizon may not be Fallout 4 (and what is really) but it might be the thinking mans (or womans) Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. When adventure goes hand in hand with mystery and the majority of your enemies will be bigger, stronger, better armed, and more of them than you. It will be the ultimate test of man v machine v nature for supremacy of the new earth and I have a feeling that players will enjoy every minute of it.




Armada’s E3 picks: Genei Ibun Roku #FE (2016)


JRPGs, like the country that spawned them, they’re quite unique. Characters, stories, setting, even combat and controls can be a stark difference from other games. Heck the Final Fantasy series are the more ‘normal’ JRPG series out there, while others are straight up off the wall. Genei Ibun Roku #FE (name not final) is somewhere in the middle. Based in the a modern Tokyo #FE stars three friends whose thrown into the unknown by joining with entities called Mirages. Oddly enough these entities bear a striking resemblance to the more resent Fire Emblem franchise of characters. Now, as mirages masters, they must protect world from malevolent mirages that want to steal the talent from humans and turn them into colorless zombies. Like I said: unique. For more info watch the video, and practice your J-Pop for #FE next year.




Double Feature: Dragon ball Z – Resurrection F X Fantastic Four


The first movie features the Fantastic Four and the other film is FUNimations fast paced Resurrection F. Let’s see how well they do in today’s Double Feature!