Armada’s E3 picks: Ghost Recon – Wildlands (TBA)


Now for something somewhat new: Bolivia is rugged country with mountains, plateaus, lowland plains. Filled with resources like tin, natural gas, petroleum, silver, iron, lead, gold, etc. Well in the upcoming title, Ghost Recon Wildlands, it becomes the stage and settling for a drug cartel to end all drug cartels. The Santa Blanca are power personified; controlling the republic through money, narcotics, and the corrupted goverment themselves. The only way to stop them is to destroy them from the inside out. As part of the legendary strike team, The Ghosts, you must use any means necessary to break the Santa Blanca strangle hold on Central America. And in this versatile open world experience your actions will indeed have consequences. Watch the trailer and start planning, the world won’t save itself.