Armada’s E3 picks: Horizon – Zero Dawn (2016)


In this PS4 exclusive it’s the end of the world (naturally), and not only did humanity get a beat down (by robotic enemy I assume) but it was one that smacked them back to the hunter-gatherer days. Forget plasma weapons, power armor, and V.A.T.S., in order for you to survive you need a bow and arrow, quick wits, and some good luck (especially when your enemies are giant beast machines). It’s not all surviving by the skin of your teeth; players will also interact with the different tribes of the world, explore the beautiful landscape of the wild lands or the city ruins, and uncover what happen when the world went to crap. Horizon may not be Fallout 4 (and what is really) but it might be the thinking mans (or womans) Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. When adventure goes hand in hand with mystery and the majority of your enemies will be bigger, stronger, better armed, and more of them than you. It will be the ultimate test of man v machine v nature for supremacy of the new earth and I have a feeling that players will enjoy every minute of it.