Walkthrough 4 U: Witch Saga – Volume 2

Witch Saga Vol II


The walkthroughs are back people and its about time right? I mean you guys really like our CYOA answer keys and its time to get busy again – staring with Witch Saga: Volume 2. Honestly people this was longest game book I had the privilege of doing. Not that the choices were hard, but this chapter was very content heavy with story, plot, and character development so it took time to finish – let alone making sure the answers were good enough to finish the volume. As for the overall story itself Ruth is still having trouble with demons and the otherworldly; but in this chapter not only does she have help but new abilities as well. So read volume 2, enjoy, and as always experiment at your leisure to see where your choices lead, but if you get lost the Armada has got you covered.






——— Start ———-

Step in

Save your power


Hold your concentration

Hold still



Blast it

Raise shield




Crawl under

Cast light

Say you were attacked

Use your elbow

Follow the screams

Blast him

Blast him

Less strength

‘Pay the man sweetie’

Ask about himself

——-Checkpoint ——


Fight here




Look for Thomas



Cut it down

Leap in

The spiky toothed one


‘I would like that’

Avoid him




Put on clothes

‘I am in your world’

Dance studio

‘Psychological. I train here.’


‘Enemies will not expected it.’

Trick him

Turn invisible

Gout of Flame

Try to get sword


———- End ———–






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  1. Your walkthrough has been very usefull for my, but I didcovered a few errors

    after the second checkpoint “Avoid him” insted of this choise “Aproach him”, because the result is the same and insted of losing one cool point you are going to win one

    After the third checkpoint

    “I am in your world” is a neutral reply, and “I am in my own dream” give you onu cool point

    “Dance studio” ” Psicological. I train here” this is a bad choise, you lose one mana and gain nothing, and the game redirecs you to your house. If you choose your house from the beginin you gain two cool points and lose one mana.

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