Trail-Rama: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden


Xenoverse is one the best DBZ games I’ve ever played because, for once, it’s not all about Goku and the gang. Players can create their own Z fighter and save time-space from the evil Demigra using the iconic moves from the series. Of course there’s always dissenters who just want the same DBZ fighting game they’ve always played – but newer. And while this is not Xenoverse’s problem the good people at Arc System Works is giving those people (as well as me because I luv DBZ (heh – that rhymed)) what they want with Extreme Butoden. A straight 2D fighter, players can choose over 20 Z warriors to battle with. However players can do more than 1 v 1; you can create your perfect team of the universe’s strongest fighters and use ‘Z assists’ to help your fight in a number of ways. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden may lack the time patroller character or the dynamic story of Xenoverse but makes up for it with going back to its white knuckle fighting roots. After all, if it ain’t broke.