Walkthrough 4 U: Detective’s Choice – Volume 3




Jack Jericho and the Yellow King is the latest volume of the Detective’s Choice series of books, and not to spoil too much but this one will be doozy story wise. What started as another job for Jack will lead to werewolves, curses, the mob, secret organizations, the library (for some reason), and maybe the end of the world. I don’t care who you are that’s a lot on your plate for a private eye, but through careful thought and intense choice picks the Video Game Armada has once again got an answer key ready for you. As per usually this answer key will help you complete the story if you’re stuck, but not necessary help you get the high score (although it happens from time to time). If you guys have your own answer keys that will get the high score please post them in the comment section below because we’re sort of a mecca for CYOA around here. Anywho enjoy and stay tuned for more Walkthrough 4 U!




——— Start ———


Take Lincoln

Swerve left


Tell him the truth

Use the candelabra



Quiet and slow

Guess violin (trust me)

Go for broke (The damsel discount would have been the choice, but trust me you’ll need the money)

Ask for 200

Wants to harm career

The dairy queen

$ 10 Bribe

Tell him about the bite

Peek through


Turn and Attack

Wound him


Use humor

Play Copper

Use the trashcan


‘Awfully glad to be alive’

Poke her (I know, but it’s the right answer)

Ask about bandages

Truth about Rose


Go to the library

Tell the truth

Creep quietly

Run for the stairs

Have her duck

Go to your office

Play it cool

A scotch (I don’t drink so I don’t know what’s the better drink, but I do know Jack would drink something)

Stay sober


Curse him



The circus freaks


Kick him

Ask Pasha

Save the gypsy

Heidi Redtree

Pay admission

Promise to pay

Play tough



Promise a doctor


Travel by car


The library

Stick to the library



Split up

Talk sense

Let her go


Keep your distance


Tell them to hide


——— End ———