GET HYPED: Destiny – The Taken King / Court of Oryx Reveal


Now the thing about Destiny I wish there was more of is public events. You know, where you’re patrolling a planet to get resources or testing out a new loadout. Then all of a sudden the screen goes a little darker and a new prompt appears telling you something’s going down. Whether it’s a resource raid on the moon, chasing down a cabal scout on Mars, or stopping the vex from – doing whatever they’re doing on Venus; public events keep players on their toes in Destiny. Like I said however public events are few and far between overall, but in the Taken King they’re making a comeback with the Court of Oryx. It will be their first attempt at a multi-stage public event, where the more you challenge the court and survive the better the rewards become. Be careful though in order to win you’ll need the help of your friends & complete strangers – and sometime that might not be enough. On September 15th the Court will be open to you all – and I’ll see you all then.




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