Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Master Chief)



Hey, hey, hey people it’s October and you know what that means: Gameroween is back! That’s right, during this month we here at the Armada give you people some awesome costume ideas for Halloween. Now in Gameroweens past we focused on a random mix of game characters and it was good. Then last year we focused on smash characters for the then upcoming Super Smash Bros game. This year I think we’ll stick to a theme again, and that theme is resent video game characters – like Master Chief.
Ah Master Chief the quintessential space marine, although many would say that Doomguy would own that title, but the Chief is more recent than him plus Death Battle proved Chief’s a much better space marine overall. I mean he defeated three armies, survived no win situations multiple times, a master of arms and vehicles, and to top it all off he destroyed two galaxy ending weapons – by himself; Shepperd needed to unite the galaxy to help destroy the reapers. So he goes by the rank ‘Master’ honestly, and the best thing is anyone can be a Spartan and have any color armor too. Thanks to Halo 2 multiplayer people have been pimping out their avatars for years so why not their costumes. No matter how you make your John-117 you’ll get bonus points if you have a window’s phone as well. Why? Because Master Chief is nothing without Cortana.