Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Frank West)



Journalist, photographer, and in prompt to zombie smasher; Frank West is a man who wears many hats, helmets, and serve bot heads. Never did he think the scoop at Willamette mall would change his life as much as it would change the world. Zombies and goverment bio weapons tests are enough to get any journalist a golden ticket to fame and fortune, but the trick is surviving the zombies and black ops groups determined to keep you quiet. However like any good photojournalist Frank adapted to the situation, did some light reading, put on a dress, blended questionable things into a green smoothie, met interesting (yet dangerous) people and took their MacGyver like stuff. Well I’m glad to say Frank survived, although infected with the zombie virus, and became famous once more – briefly. Being a journalist is a hard knock life (trust me I know) and Frank didn’t stay on top for long, but we can fix that by becoming Frank West for Halloween! Take perfect photos for “PP”, wears a mega buster on one arm (it makes sense), and wear your best dark brown, white, brown. Before you know it everyone will say you look — (wait for it) Fantastic!