The Fall of Games: Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series – Charisma


What makes a good leader? It is bravery? It is loyally? It is money? Nope – it Charisma! Yes Charisma, it’s that quality that makes you the coolest person in the room. That special (word play totally intended) something that  people can’t learn, earn, or buy – unless you talking about the Fallout series then that stuff is totally buyable which you really should. Now this is from personal experience but charisma is a far more useful stat than any combat stat in the game. With it you can influence people, get information easier, get cheaper rates from the merchants, even have your allies fight harder for you. It’s win x infinity as far as I’m concerned with it, while without it can be quite a chore getting anywhere.





Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Shield Knight)



Now its come to my attention that some people believe my Bayonetta choice was more for me than an actual choice for the ladies for a Halloween costume. A lot of that’s true, however I still believe it is a legit choice for those who like Bayonetta (the character, the game, or both). I’m all about equal opportunely though and thus the next idea for a costume choice we is Shield Knight from Shovel Knight. Now I’ve never played Shovel Knight but I have watched a few Let’s Plays of it and in all honestly I rather play as Shield Knight. A her design is much cooler than Shovel’s, her shields are more practical and effective (defensively and offensively) than a Shovel, and her role as [spoiler removed] would make her viable main lead in a sequel (Shovel Knight 2: Shield Knight – I can see it now). Costume wise Shield Knight is a full plated warrior with a cherry red color scheme, both strong and feminine, with a spartan style shield that can block almost all attacks made, and a smaller buckler for block smaller attacks (I guess). Ladies, Shield Knight may not be the main character today but trust me she’ll get her day so represent and be ahead of the game.