Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Cole MacGrath)



There are reluctant heroes, there are emo anti-heroes, and then there’s Cole MacGrath. Cole was as painfully average as a person can be, a content parcel deliverer and I guess amateur parkour guy. Well most of that changed when a package he was delivering exploded in his hands. No, he didn’t die, but was galvanized with the ability to wield and weaponize electricity. Now most would be scared sure, for about a minute, but when they realize they can shoot lightening out their fingers then things aren’t so bad after all. Cole is just so mopey about that fact it’s really sad, unless he’s trying to be an evil then he’s an emo try hard. So why make him a costume choice if his character is so ‘Cole MacGrath’? Because Infamous 1 & 2 were awesome (Second Son wasn’t bad either), lightening powers are boss, and everyone else in the game other than Cole were just fine (even his future self was a more interesting (uh, spoilers)). In fact I’m changing the choice, be Kessler instead: cooler look, more powerful, better back story, triple ‘A’ choice right there. Dodged a bullet people, dodge a bullet.