Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Reyna Valeria)

Reyna Valeria


Now I know Battleborn is not even open to open beta but they have revealed characters, one of which is Reyna. This choice is for the ladies who likes Han Solo, Star Lord, and dislike posers and other people not doing what you tell them to do. As the leader of the Rouge faction she comes equipped with a pistol for shooting and Command Glove for commanding. She also provides her squad with shields and target marks to protect the squad and punish enemies. Add to the fact she’s been protecting her people against the catastrophe longer than most in Battleborn so you know she earned the nickname ‘the Valkyrie’ honestly. Anyway her design is simple but stylish so it won’t be difficult to replicate however the Command Glove might be tricky. There’s a work around though: use the power glove, not quite the same but it will do – plus I love the power glove, its soooo bad~….