The Fall of Games: Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series – Agility


Now we move on to the most popular stat in the Fallout series – Agility.  For good reason though as Agility is the main stat for standard firearms efficiency , dodging death blows, and stealthy sneak attacks. All good things but the main advantage to Agility is that it increases the effectiveness of V.A.T.S. or the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. That system is what makes Fallout stand out from the rest, it allows players to target vital areas on your enemies  to cripple or disarm or (for 97% of fallout players) shoot / whack their heads off. The more agility you have the better your V.A.T.S. so it’s always a popular choice just for having cool glamour shots in Fallout. Of course you’ll be doing more than shooting things in the game (maybe, I don’t know), but if this is your first Fallout put at least 7 point into this one – you thank me later.




Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Pikmin)


Pikmin are an odd creatures. They’re part worms, lemmings, minions (the real ones), servebots, and plants. Multicolored and innocent looking they’re tiny dynamos when they work as a team. They’re giant slayers, master engineers, world hunger enders, and breed faster than jack rabbits. Each Pikmin type is impressive as they are resistance to the elements, can fly, can poison, use enhanced strength, and most oftenly be used as projectiles. However they are the quintessential disposable soldier and sadly without a space man to tell them what to do they would stay in the dirt all day. So this isn’t for a solo choice but rather a group effort; choose your favorite color of Pikmin and find 2 – 10 of your closest friends/family/associates and have them dress in similar fashion. If you get the full ten people (I know the Pikmin limit is 100 but I’m being realistic here) you’ll get bonus points and win the most Pikmin award (somewhere – I don’t know where). If not at least you’ll have the honor of wielding the giant flower (or leaf) on your head for a day.