Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 9



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your turkey is always hot and the stuffing fills you to the brim. So what better post for the most hungry of holidays but zombies of course. More to the point,  Zombie High Volume 9. Where we last left off Jane found a cure for her Zombie problem, which is great, and the added bonus of keeping a lot of her HFVM abilities like being invisible to zombies is a plus. However the president of your underground bunker, and the leader of the conspiracy against your family, is now sending her best spec opt soldiers to take care of you. Puting their best foot forward at the start is a rocket launcher at your face – ouch… So now is a race for survival, even with your retained abilities can you stand up to this onslaught? Well with this answer key you certainly can; let’s begin.







  • Hide
  • Confide in Sven
  • Steakout the radio
  • Continue the argument
  • Check your defenses
  • Go for the hallway
  • Retreat
  • Go after Bennett
  • Throw the cocktail now
  • Use the car




  • Stay in this configuration
  • Leave her for now
  • Go after Ava
  • Under the pickup truck
  • Stay put
  • Leave for the hotel
  • Carry her
  • Take out the VM climbing in
  • Let Sven try his plan




  • Say you’ll come back for her
  • Give Meow the cure
  • Wait until morning
  • Try Sven’s sheet idea
  • Use the alley to get further a away
  • Stick together
  • Douse the lights
  • Ask Headshot to signal






Let’s Playthrough: Batman – Arkham Knight (Part 12)


The Joker: Bruce… Wayne, n’est-ce pas?

Bruce Wayne: Most of the time.

Trailer-Rama: Warcraft


Well people Warcraft has broken through again, once by becoming the world most successful MMO to date, and now transcending into the silver screen. That’s right Warcraft the movie is not only a thing, but it has a trailer. Will it become the next Lord of the Rings trilogy, maybe, will there be CGI in it, yes, will I see the movie – you better believe it!




Mini Game Review: Fallout 4




Alright people I’m going to keep this short because, surprise, Fallout 4 is great and I want to keep playing. The start of the game begins 200 years ago were you (average Joe or Jane) are enjoying a life of peace with family, unfortunately that peace is shattered when the nuclear bombs fell and the great war began. Only by sheer ‘luck’ did you and your family make it into Vault 111 before one of those bombs hit your neighborhood; however whatever luck you had in getting there ran out soon after. Now, through the story, you are the sole survivor of Vault 111 and the world has changed far more than you could possibly imagine – this is Fallout 4. From there the Commonwealth is your oyster: you can continue the main story, or you can explore the devastated wasteland to see what trouble you can get into yourself, how about rebuilding? In a first for the series you can found and grow your own settlements. Make sure plant crops and provide fresh water and the people will come. Of course to deter raiders, super mutants, and the like; set up defenses and turrets – you haven’t lived until you see a rocket launching turret at work. Or not – you can just go around selling your skills to different factions and people for rewards, allies, and more.






I’ll say it again: Fallout 4 is great, game of the year no question. It has flaws (random glitches, character clipping, dialog hic-ups) and I wouldn’t say Fallout 4’s story is the most groundbreaking either, but all Fallouts since 3 were amusingly glitchy and don’t do anything to cause the player any grief. Any other problems found in this game are nitpicks, plain and simple. Buy this game now and become the sole survivor you want to be.





GET HYPED: Cloud Strife in Smash Bros.


Because Nintendo that’s why!

Let’s Playthrough: Batman – Arkham Knight (Part 11)

[Joker gives someone a hand and electrocutes him]

Joker: Oh, I got a live one here!





Game Preview – Fallout 4 perks




People can you fell it! Just one more day before Fallout 4 is out. At first I could wait, but now if I wait anymore I’m going to explode like if someone with the bloody mess perk shot me. How do I know that particular perk will be in the game? I didn’t until a few days ago when the tech times website reported someone got their hands on all the perks listed in the upcoming game. Yes just one segment of a battery of Fallout 4 fallout of information people were able to acquire through less than legit means. While I myself had the willpower not to look at anything so far, for the perks I gladly took a peak. If nothing else it will get me ready for the game tomorrow, and if you guys want to see behind the curtain as well just click here. They say it contain spoilers in the perks lists – but not really.