Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 7

ZH8 pic

Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean the ghouls are, that’s right back by popular demand the Walkthrough 4 U for Zombie High Volume 7! Honestly Delight Games has been cranking out the volumes for Zombie High lately and only now have I had the time to address them (The life of an Omnigamer is awesome but unending). However I can’t have ZH fans left in a lurch, so this walkthrough will be the first of many in the coming days. Being super zombie, depending on your alignment, is either a nightmare or heaven. Jane now has enhanced strength, speed, endurance and increased healing – the trade off of course is the desire to consume human flesh. So in order to survive this ordeal players must be both crafty and lucky to make it.  Fortunately this walkthrough will also help, however I must mention I’m doing the vegan approach to this run so no people and or meat will be eaten. Which mean damage will be persistence and if you go off the walkthrough to try a different path you may die – a lot. With that said enjoy!




  • Look
  • Act
  • Go where the action is
  • Try nearby buildings
  • Climb
  • Go for the window
  • Dive
  • Drop
  • Try to contact Sven
  • Ask questions
  • The fecto
  • Run
  • Wait
  • Stick him up
  • Leave it
  • Say his vanity is coming in handy
  • Make a wisecrack
  • Storm in







  • Ask directions from someone
  • Motion to Sven
  • Follow
  • Make up
  • Chastise
  • Listen
  • Shrug
  • Pull Opal
  • Sec President
  • Rush Bennett
  • Lie
  • ‘I want to rescue you’
  • Look
  • Ask Ava
  • Don’t
  • Take a minute
  • Take some time
  • Go for the lab








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