Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 8



Jane has been through a lot since the first volume however nothing so trying as keeping her humanity as a HFVM. Sure you’re stronger, tougher, and invisible to other zombies but there that nagging problem of wanting to eat people that keeps coming up. So far, at least in my playthroughs, Jane has resisted but that hunger is getting stronger and even her allies are not safe. So the need for a cure is paramount but is there such a thing, and if so can it be created? What about the conspiracy back home with Glory Goodbody and the President, will they just turn a blind eye to the only person that could expose and stop them? Well to find out play Zombie High Volume 8, and as usually the Armada has got a walkthrough for you if you need it.





  • You (not the optimal answer, but definitely the right one. Suck it vol. 8)
  • Help
  • Ask Ava
  • Get food and water
  • Look for supplies
  • Security check
  • Amuse Ava
  • Take her outside
  • Go alone
  • ‘It’s called Mr. Moose’s Revenge.’
  • Go with Ava
  • Continue searching
  • Take the cure now
  • ‘Agreed! Do you know of one?’




  • Take it slow and do a test
  • Go to perimeter
  • Go alone
  • Use the sewers
  • Give him a peck
  • Enter the sewers
  • Continue on cautiously
  • Continue with additional stealth
  • Shine the light on yourself
  • You’re older than you look
  • Allow the scan
  • Show them the sewer map
  • Give them a copy
  • Travel on the surface


——- End ——-







  1. could someone explain how to get all the achievements? im stuck and dont have enough coins for the next volume.

  2. Is it just me, or is the walkthrough not complete? Like the part with “Mr.Moose taking revenge” and some others?

    • Sorry about that, I went through it though and added the missing answers. Thanks for the heads up!

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