Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 9



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your turkey is always hot and the stuffing fills you to the brim. So what better post for the most hungry of holidays but zombies of course. More to the point,  Zombie High Volume 9. Where we last left off Jane found a cure for her Zombie problem, which is great, and the added bonus of keeping a lot of her HFVM abilities like being invisible to zombies is a plus. However the president of your underground bunker, and the leader of the conspiracy against your family, is now sending her best spec opt soldiers to take care of you. Puting their best foot forward at the start is a rocket launcher at your face – ouch… So now is a race for survival, even with your retained abilities can you stand up to this onslaught? Well with this answer key you certainly can; let’s begin.







  • Hide
  • Confide in Sven
  • Steakout the radio
  • Continue the argument
  • Check your defenses
  • Go for the hallway
  • Retreat
  • Go after Bennett
  • Throw the cocktail now
  • Use the car




  • Stay in this configuration
  • Leave her for now
  • Go after Ava
  • Under the pickup truck
  • Stay put
  • Leave for the hotel
  • Carry her
  • Take out the VM climbing in
  • Let Sven try his plan




  • Say you’ll come back for her
  • Give Meow the cure
  • Wait until morning
  • Try Sven’s sheet idea
  • Use the alley to get further a away
  • Stick together
  • Douse the lights
  • Ask Headshot to signal






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