Sweet Christmas Gift Guide: Battlefield – Hardline


Again, I’ll say it: the Battlefield series is not my favorite. However Battlefield – Hardline is just different and dynamic enough to break the cycle of boredom the other games in the series are stuck in (in my opinion). Players are either cops or robbers; robbers are trying to commit crimes like stealing money or hijacking cars while the cops are trying to stop them. With large maps and squads of players (on both sides) every goal and objective in play will always be in a frantic tug of war (but in a good way) by the two sides until a winner is decided. Each player can configure their class load out to their play style and can unlock further weapons over time. None of this is really new or different to the series, but Hardline does it so well because it focuses on a more urban premise for the game. Rather than another generic faceless military engagement the other games are ‘famous’ for. Plus the single player is modeled after an not quite serious-serious cop drama, not quite ‘Bad Company’ but at least a step in the right direction.




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