Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Bladestorm Nightmare


Ok all here’s a question: Do you know a person who likes Dynasty Warriors but is looking for a different title to try and don’t own a Wii U? Well that person might like Bladestorm Nightmare for Christmas! In addition to fighting armies of enemies on medieval battle maps, securing areas and defeating special opponents like any proper Dynasty Warriors clone but Bladestorm has its own chops as well. It lets you create your own medieval mercenary character, find and master 17 different style of combat, and allows players join together online to dominate the battlefield. Heck Bladestorm proper is the anime version of the Hundred Years’ War and the Nightmare section added to the craziness by including demons and dragons to the mix. Bladestorm Nightmare is a very unique game, not meant for everyone. However, again, if the person you’re shopping for likes Dynasty Warriors and/or likes the things described above then this title is a lock for best gift of the season.