Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Massive Chalice


What’s better than fine, why Double Fine of course! Sorry for the bad joke, but hey, a Double Fine game should make it all better. Massive Chalice takes magic, monsters and fantasy stuff and says: “why not add genetics?” You play as an Immortal strategist whose kingdom is under a curse of darkness known as Cadence. Now the good news is that your kingdom’s Massive Chalice can destroy the Cadence but the bad news is that it will take 300 years to do it – that’s where you come in. You got the keep the kingdom alive through cleave strategy, kingdom development and of breed (others, not you). You live forever, but the kingdom defenders do not so it’s up to you make sure your strongest fighters pass their skills to their children. Doing this will not only unlock new classes for your kingdom but the children of great heroes will be much stronger fighters when they become old enough. A cleaver game wrapped in good humor and decent amounts of challenge make Massive Chalice a excellent purchase for the chess buffs out there.