Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Smite


As you all know me and MOBAs have a ‘Tolerate – Hate’ relationship, I think the game type as a whole lacks the white knuckle excitement of FPSers and at the same time dumb down versions of MMORPGs. However there is no denying its rise to popularity in the major gaming circuit. Whole internet channels are devoted to MOBAs and many gamers I even know swear that MOBAs are the master race of gaming. Whether that’s true or not only time will tell, however even I see the potential in one: Smite. Recently fresh off an open beta Smite is a MOBA that use gods, goddesses, and cosmic level beings are the characters. Sure you still do all the things MOBAs do (Spec you character with items, select a role, runs the lanes, work the jungles, etc). However since this MOBA was made in mind for the Xbox One they made the controls tighter for that purpose. The view is 3rd person for your character instead of a top down like other MOBAs. These changes make all the difference and set Smite apart from the rest. Add to the fact that it’s a Free-to-Start game (you can pay for certain characters individually or all of them, past, present, and future, for one lump sum price) and you got EZ choice gift for your favorite solo mid player out there.