Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Destiny: The Taken King (Year 2)


Destiny talk? On this site? NO WAY? Yes, Yes, I know I am the Destiny fanboi, but seriously people now is the time to play this game. Despite my best efforts some people still hated this game for one reason or the another. If it was up to me I would ignore those people and keep doing what I’m doing. Bungie’s smarter than me however and took account of all the complaints from the nay-says out there about the game’s failings. When ‘The Taken King’ year two patch came out for Destiny it was like meeting an old friend for the first time all over again. Everything was the same, but better. Items were dynamic and fresh, but familiar. Quests were challenging and inventive, but still rooted in their core game play. And even when I finished the main story of the Taken King, that’s when the Year 2 patch really opened up! So yeah, the first year of Destiny wasn’t perfect but it was still worth the money I spend on it; Year 2, yeah, that’s perfect, and they only can go up from here.