Let’s Playthrough: Batman – Arkham Knight (Part 18)


The Joker: Sometimes I just kill myself! 

Movie Review: Ip Man 3



Oh Donnie, you just know how to kick off the new year don’t you?

Games and Gear (of 2016): Tom Clancy’s The Division


It’s Tom Clancy’s, which means the U.S. is doomed.

I AM BATMAN playing a video game


Wait, what?

Games and Gear (of 2016): Fire Emblem Fates



Yes it’s another Nintendo game; don’t look at me like that it’s not my fault Nintendo’s on their A game this year.

Let’s Playthrough: Batman – Arkham Knight (Part 17)


Batman: See that thing on my belt? Grab it! Whatever you do, don’t let go.

Games and Gear (of 2016): Project X Zone 2


Project X Zone 2 is one of those game you don’t think that hard about, just sit back and enjoy the peanut butter in chocolate crazy moment that will coming our way soon.

This just in (Or not): Kylo Ren goes… Undercover!


What does Star Wars, Undercover Boss, and SNL have in common? Normally nothing but today a great deal.

Games & Gear (of 2016): Mighty No.9

[Update]: Well people, like I said, release dates do change and sadly Mighty No.9 is the first title to do so this year. The new release is hopefully 05/31/16, however that’s not confirmed on the official site. Sorry all.

If it looks like a Mega Man, talks like a Mega Man, and smells like a Mega Man – then it’s clearly a Mighty No.9.

Let’s Playthrough: Batman – Arkham Knight (Part 16)


The Joker: New and improved Joker products! With a new secret ingredient: Smylex.