Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 10



Well people, Jane, and by extension the players, have been through quite a journey. Humbly starting as the new kid in a new school trying to impress the boy of your dreams; to where we are now with you a human-zombie hybrid, trying to stop the corrupt leader of your home from killing you, your friends, your family, and kidnapping a little girl who might save the world from the zombie plague. Add a ship full of cultist and the stakes couldn’t be any higher. This is the last chapter sadly people, but who knows, maybe we’ll get a spin off: ‘Sven: the Conquest’ or something. For now let’s end this right.





Do you have a problem with that? 

You have returned Ava to him 

Shrug and defer to Dr. Marconi 

Try to get him alone 

Continue the negotiation 

Leave the body 

Search the lower deck 

Drag the body out 

Attempt to take control 

‘Take off your masks!’ 




Kill them later  

Consolidate the weapons  

Put your hands up 

Let her go  

Talk to them 

Appeal to Ava 

Hug her 

Talk to Headshot and Brozo 

Do this later 

Weigh anchor immediately 

Ask Dr. Marconi to intervene 

Just concentrate on escape 

Run out on the deck




Try to stall for time  

Trust him 

‘Let’s take some time’ 

The SCUBA idea 


Communicate with Headshot 

Find Gloria 

Stay where you are 

Sven should hack 




Try to talk to them 

Submit to the interview 

Go along with the scan 

Rush Bennett  

Go for the switchblade 

Just use handle 

Drop the knife and surrender  

An evil and corrupt government 

Keep talking 




Listen to your council 

Go see Tommy








  1. I just wanted to say thanks for all the ZH walkthroughs. Had saved some lives for me. Now I have done vol. 10 and I’m sad it’s over.

    • No prob, helping out fellow gamers is one of the many goals here at Video Game Armada! I agree though, it’s sad that the Zombie High storyline is seemingly over, but give the other Delight stories a try. I think you’ll enjoy them just as well.

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