Walkthrough 4 U: Bigfoot (Monster Myth 1)

Bigfoot (Monster Myth 1)


So far people we fought demons, zombies, cultists, super villains, mutants, aliens, and pirate – so why not Bigfoot eh? Yep in this story you play as an average everyday researcher of, what else, Bigfoot. Normally just a office jockey, however thanks to screw ups you’re being sent into the field. Now being a non-outdoor type of person in story finding Bigfoot, while being your dream, will be difficult; especially since Bigfoot isn’t the only danger (or mystery) out there. Don’t worry walk throughs to the rescue – enjoy!




Let him go


  Keep it vague


Let’s move

Head over slowly

Let willow do it

Don’t wait

Follow the tracks


Film the fight


Lone Bigfoot hunter

Nod yes

Let him do it

Keep your rotten food

Push out

Go for a rifle


Go with her

Give me time to think

Take them to the trail

Folding chair

Get camera


Set him straight


Hide with Bonnie


Create a diversion








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