Character Quotes: Reiji Arisu (Project X Zone 2)


Well people it’s been while for the Character Quotes segment, almost three years (where does the time go). To be honest though there hasn’t been many quote worthy things in gaming (or anywhere else) for almost that long. Thanks goodness for Project X Zone 2, almost every cut scene has some nice quotables for me to enjoy and for this week I’ll share my favorite three so far – starting with Reiji Arisu.


The stoic, serious, multi weapon carrying member of the Shinra group is a man very use to reality going crazy on him. Really before he, and his partner/master/lover (maybe) Xiaomu hits the field, heroes and villains from all of hyper-time are already running amok in places (and times) they don’t belong. So the pair in Project X Zone 2 just sees this as another day in the office. However this quote from Reiji after seeing the Dragonturtle Mk. I is not only funny but shows that he like big, awesome, vehicles as much as the next man – yet he still stays on task.





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