Trailer Rama: The Strange Power of Doctor Rangers


Today we talk about the strange, the powerful, and race swapping. Must be Trailer-Rama a day!

Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf amoung Us (Episode 1-1)


This is one fairy tale that’s only going to end up Grimm, but as Bigby Wolf it’s our job to keep law and order in a town full of fables in the real world. Add to the fact that this is a Telltale joint and you got a story that could go anywhere. Of course everything starts at the beginning – and so do we, enjoy!

Beta to the MAX: Battleborn



MOBAs, to me, they always seems like a half done genre. Not knowing what it is or its general purpose to the gaming world at large. Even ‘good’ MOBA are stagnate and repetitive beyond a title’s reply valve. However that is changing thanks to excellent developers like Gearbox Software and Motiga. They are transforming MOBAs into something worth their hype. Don’t believe me? Then watch my video of the Battleborn open Beta – then try it for yourself (if you can, the open beta is for a limited time).