Let’s Watch: Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016



Microsoft, and their multimedia master work the Xbox One, is highlighted in today’s showcase. Now while many gamers had no use for the hardware innovations of voice functionality of the Kinect or the TV focused One Guide; no one can underestimate the power of Xbox Live or the versatility of the One’s titles. The question is now will they focus on games this year or will they gamble again by showing something new?

Let’s Watch: Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016

Next up in our show is Bethesda Game Studios, now they may not have as many games in their library as the others in the show, but their titles are almost flawless – and their entry last year stole the show (depending who you talk to). Let’s see if they have the same amount of luck this year!









Let’s Watch: EA’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016

Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth: E3! That’s right the Electronic Entertainment Expo is once again upon us I couldn’t be happier! It begins with EA, the game developer people luv to H8T. Will they reveal more about games already in the works, or maybe unleash new titles to drool over. Only one way to find out. Press play and let’s begin.








Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 4 – 2)



Welcome back to Dr.Phil. We have both Beauty and Beast back on the show, still talking about missing their 1% privileges, and to make ends meet they’re working  with shady criminal elements. Also on the show for some reason we have a butcher, or a baker, or a candlestick maker, no one really knows.







Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 4 – 1)



Well after the end of the last Episode we learned that for Bigby: Silver Bullets = Bad! However we’re not going to let a thing like almost painfully dying stop us, so back to the case! Also did I mention that I really don’t trust the doctor – seriously he’s way to clean cut to be innocent. 














Movie Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Out of the shadows



Now people, not all mutants are humans. Some mutants are turtles, some mutants are ninja, heck they can even be teenagers. To save time and effort Out of the shadows features mutants that are all three – oh and like pizza too.







Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 3 – 3)



Which witch? Why Auntie Greenleaf of course! Yeah, I don’t know who she is either, but I do know she’s the one who gave Lily the magical make over before she died and might know where Crane is. So how will this all play out in the end, watch and find out






Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 3 – 2)


In the beginning of this episode we didn’t get a lot done, but fortunately today we make some forward progress. Back to the troll bar!