Walkthrough 4 U: Witch Saga – Volume 5



So things are getting serious with Litchfield; while what he’s doing is all to save his daughter, making pacts with spiritual separated sorcerers, killing innocent people and fusing them with animals or whatever, and hunting down an artifact called the Crown of Madness, might be going too far for love. So with our new buddy Eli; he’s half zombie, works for Litchfield, and might try to kill us later, we make our way to the resting place of the Crown – a underground city that holds more than one dangerous secret in its streets. I hope you guys aren’t afraid of creepy trapped filled tombs because we’re going in!


Try to Trick him

No, I doubt it

Search elsewhere

Crack a joke

Go talk to Eli


Cast Invisibility


Concentrated blast it

Do not


Large shield


Ask Uncle


Let someone else handle it


Give them time

Keep quiet

Do not tell him


Thomas’s vision

Go along



  1. This isn’t a good walkthrough at all.

    • It’s not my best I know, but at least it get’s you to the end. If you have an improved walkthrough, please submit here – we’re an open Forum around here.

  2. Best Results I Got:

    -Try to trick him
    -No, I doubt it
    -Search elsewhere in the room
    -Crack a joke
    -Go talk to Eli
    -Warn everyone
    -Cast invisibility
    – Sneak towards the noise
    -Concentrated blast it
    -Do not attempt to leave yet
    -Burn a path
    -Blast them with fire


    -Ask Uncle John to help search
    -Energy blast
    -Cast shield
    -Give them time
    -Open up to him
    -Tell him
    -Bjorn Ironsides
    -Who are you really?
    -You are lying
    -Fight her

    [ That’s exactly 700 points 🙂 ]

  3. Terrible walkthrough, i got third rank with this.

    • I’m sorry, but our walkthroughs are to complete of a game book they’re written for and not for any high score. However, if you have a high scoring walkthrough please post it here. A lot of fellow players do.

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