There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 2)



We continue on to the next part of our journey to become an Iron Lord. Item management is definitely a plus.

There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 1)



The wait (for the DLC, and the Armada coverage of it) is over! Guardians, it’s time to rise and become the next Lord of Iron. Yay!








The Dark Knight plays: Batman the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 2)



I am the vengeance, I am the night, I AM BATMAN! Hey guys it’s me Batman, listen, before you start this video, remember, I am NOT Bruce Wayne. OK, click the video.










Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Breach (Part 2)



Now you know I’m current investigating the mysterious death of a kid, but hey Shadow Child just challenged me to beat her time in a hack – can’t let that one slide! Yep… I got my prioritizes straight.  

Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (Part 3)



You know when we go to the book store we walk around, read a little, have a coffee; but when Adam Jensen goes to a book store he ends up fighting a bunch of Czech gangsters to protect his mad scientist friend and keeping them from discovering his underground laboratory. And that’s one reason why Deus Ex’s awesome.







The Dark Knight Plays (Premier): Batman the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 1)



Hey guys, real talk real fast. So as it turns out the Dark Knight over here wants to try his hand at Let’s Plays. I know right! Weird. You think his night job would keep him pretty busy,  but apparently not. So while I can’t stop him (seriously he’s Batman) please I ask you guys to bare with him. With any luck he’ll get bored with the whole thing and do something else. Then again he might actually be good…










Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Breach (Part 1)



Hey all, do you like hacking? Well it’s hard; I mean you got to learn about how computers works, programing (I guess), and Math (Probably… Maybe)! Well thanks to our good friends at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there is a better (and more fun) way.